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Exclusive Investment Share Offering 4.25%* Minimum Dividend

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The Benefits of Class B Investment Shares, Series 4

Earn more with a great 4.25% minimum dividend.

RSP, RIF and TFSA eligible, making them a great addition to your portfolio, while building your tax planning strategy.

Easily transfer current Term Deposits into Investment Shares with no added costs or fees, even if prior to maturity date.

A great long-term investment option with a minimum 5-year term.

What are Investment Shares Anyway?

Class B Investment Shares, Series 4 are exclusive to DUCA Members. The rate for this investment is higher than comparable term deposits making it ideal for diversifying your portfolio and helping grow your credit union.

Offering Statement

Find out everything you need to know about this high-rate investment opportunity.


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Read our FAQ to find out how you can earn more with DUCA Class B Investment Shares, Series 4.

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* Minimum dividend rate is 4.25% annually for five years if dividends are declared. Declaration of dividends is not guaranteed. Dividends are non-cumulative. The Class B Investment Shares, Series 4 may not be redeemed until five years or more after the Issue Date. The Class B Investment Shares, Series 4 are not deposits and are not insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario. Class B Investment Shares, Series 4 are available only by Offering Statement. This is not an Offering Statement. Review Offering Statement for full details prior to purchase. Offer available only to DUCA Members. To become a Member and participate in this Offer, call 1.866.900.3822 or visit a DUCA branch.

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